2018 Step Up: Hordaland-Voss, Norway


Encouraging youth responsibility

Aimed at young teens, Step Up encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and program planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme.

Delegations come together from six or nine countries and are comprised of four to six youth, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult leader (age 21+).  The camp is coordinated by a director and staff.

  • Ages: 14
  • Delegation: Two girls, two boys and a leader
  • Dates: June 22, 2018 to July 14, 2018
  • Cost: $1700, plus airfare
  • Contacts: Ellen and Bill Reaume



Youth Delegate Application Form
Step Up Supplement
2018 Reference Form

Please note – Although it may appear that you can fill the application in online, you will need to download the forms first.

Application Checklist

All application materials must be submitted as early as possible before December 10.  Applications will be accepted after the deadline, but priority will be given to applications received on or before 12/10/2017.

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