Seminar Camp

Seminar applications are now handled through the National CISV.  

Link to Seminar Application

A dialogue for global friendship, Ages 16-18

This personally challenging, intensive programme is facilitated by participants. Participants develop their own themes and agenda to explore issues and form opinions about individual, international and multicultural matters, within a framework which stresses positive conflict resolution. Seminar Camp fosters interest in the world as a whole and develops a sense of responsibility for its peaceful survival.

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Seminar Camp Invitations

Selection for Seminar Camp will follow a new format.  Interested candidates will fill out a Seminar Camp form on which they will rank their choices.  The selection will then be made by a national Seminar Camp Selection Committee.

If you want to apply, do the following by December 10, 2017

  • Fill out the application, rank the programs, sign it and have a parent sign it
  • Write an essay using one of the topics on the application form
  • Ask for recommendation letters (One CISV, one not) from people who know you.  Have them sent to the National Office
  • Pay whatever your chapter requires
  • Once the application form is complete, have your chapter officer (LSC or President) sign it
  • Mail the application and your essay to the National Office, postmarked no later than December 15
  • Follow up with your recommenders that they mail their recommendation letters in time.
Link to Seminar Application