Annual Dues

  • CISV Family (includes Chapter dues, Junior Branch dues and Summer Program Application fee, a $120 value) ~ $90
  • Additional application fee ~ $30

Dues Levels


  • Diamond Membership ~ $3000
  • Platinum Membership ~ $1000
  • Doris Allen Founders Club ~ $500
  • Patron ~ $250
  • Benefactor ~ $150
  • Legacy CISV Family (includes Chapter dues only) ~ $50
  • Single (18 or older, including college students) ~ $40

Payments by check

  • Make check payable to:
    CISV Philadelphia Dues
  • Send checks to:
    Jill Jokelson
    221 Gaskill Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147

CISV is a 501c3 Non-profit

  • All dues must be current to participate in any CISV activities.
  • All dues and sponsorships are tax deductible.

How to Apply for a CISV Program

Applicants must be CISV Philadelphia Members in order to apply. Family dues of $90.00 include Chapter, Junior Branch and two program application fees ($120 value). 

Application forms are on program pages

There are buttons to online forms on each page. In addition, applicants can direct their references to the program pages and the references can share feedback directly within the site using a google form.  The google forms go to program chairs.  You will also receive a link to your submission. 

Submitted forms are editable.  So if you need to take a break, submit it so that you can return to it.

Contact the program chair to indicate interest

If your child is interested in applying for a program, please let the appropriate Program Chair know as soon as possible by the email listed on the program sheet.

Selection process

Selection is based on the applicant having a good understanding of the organization, positive references, an interview, and demonstrated willingness of the applicant’s family to volunteer for the chapter. The Philadelphia Chapter of CISV is an entirely volunteer-driven organization and parent involvement is important to the running of the chapter.

Family interviews and adult background checks are required of Interchange families before final acceptance.

Do you have general questions or questions about need-based partial scholarships? Contact the general email address.

Applications take time, so start now

All application materials must be submitted as early as possible before December 10.  Applications will be accepted after the deadline, but priority will be given to applications received on or before December 10.  Applications are considered complete only once ALL components have been received, including references.

Junior Counselor applicants

Kids travelling alone for JC or YM must be 16 prior to traveling. Spring Youth Meeting delegates must be age 16-18 at least 1 day between 3/1 – 5/31/2019. All other applicants must be the age specified by each program at least 1 day between 6/1 – 8/31/2019.

JC applicants will be judged partially on their interaction with younger JB members. Applicants are required to attend the February Village Selection Day and are encouraged to attend the JB December Cookie-A-Thon.

JC applicants must also be available for local and national leadership training in the spring of 2019.