CISV Dictionary - "What's that mean?"

Listening to someone talk about CISV programs can be like hearing a language you don’t understand.  Keep this page in mind, and don’t be afraid to ask a question like, “What’s the football pool?  And why do we have it?”

AIMAnnual International Meeting (formerly IBM)
ALIFAdult Legal Information Form (ALIF)
ECExecutive Committee
EECExpanded Executive Committee
Football PoolMethod by which we distribute program opportunities to chapters
HFHealth Form
IECInternational Executive Committee
Info FileOfficial
international record of rules, policies, guides and terms of
IOInternational office in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
IPPInternational People’s Project taskforce
IRFIncident Report Form
JBJunior Branch, youth and young adults ages 11-25
LICLocal Interchange Chair
LMOLike Minded Organizations (groups with purposes similar to CISV)
MosaicTerm for Service Projects with Education Evaluation
NANational Association
NAMNational Adult Meeting
NBMNational Board Meeting
NGONon-governmental Organization
NJBOTNational Junior Board of Trustees
NOSNotice of Selection
RMCRegional Mini-Camp
TWALYouth Travelling Alone Legal Information Form (TWAL)
YLIFYouth Legal Insurance Form
YMYouth Meeting (formerly knows as IYM)